Authorized & notarized German-English-Romanian legal translations

Cooperation services and terms

Cooperation terms and legal aspects for document translations:

Authorized translations

Authorized translations do not require a document notarization.

Authorized translations bear only the translator's signature and stamp.

In order to start a translation, even for documents sent by mail, a down-payment must be done. The document translation will begin only after submitting the payment proof is submitted. If this proof delays, the translation deadline will also be postponed.

This condition is not object of any negotiation.

Necessary information to do the translations:

- the translation target language;

- the number of copies of the final translate document;

- if the document must be translated in full or only as an excerpt (with details)

Billing data:

- client's full name, phone number, ID number, PIN

Corporate bodies:
- firm name, trade register number, fiscal number, delegate's full name and phone number with PIN and ID number.

The invoice cannot be issued if these data are not mentioned. This is also valid for firm orders.

Notarized translations

Translation notarization has to comply with the mandatory legal reqquirements set in Act no. 36/1995 about notary activity. The last law amendments can be found here. If documents are send by mail, with a subsequent presentation of the source document, a down-payment is mandatory. The translation will be started only after submitting the payment proof. If this proof delays, the translation deadline will also be postponed.

  • Source documents have to be submitted only in original or certified copy in order to be notarized.

The notary public refuses to notarize the translation if the original or certified source document is not presented. If the client does not present to the translator these documents, the translation will be only authorized (with his signature and stamp). The traanslation fee will be paid in this case regardless of the fact that the notary public notarizes the translation or not.

Translation notarization does not imply payment of additional fees, except those charged by the notary public. The notarization must be paid when the documents are sent to be translated or before notarizing the translation.

For details about notary fees do not hesitate to contact me!

Cooperation way

In order to do an authorized or notarized translations it is necessary and I ask you to do the following:

The client must send personally online or through other legal channels (post office services or courier services) a firm order mentioning the service details and identity data in order to draw up the invoice, as detailed here.
If documents to be translated are sent online, by courier or post office serrvices, translations begin after making the down-payment agreed by both parties.

On the site you find transparent fees and ways to make the payment.