Authorized & notarized German & English legal translations

German-English-Romanian translation services

With an experience proven for 32 years, I render German - English - Romanian translation and interpretation services both for individual's but also trading companies documents, as corporate bodies, based on professional rigour but also on legal stipulations.

Translation reference fields:

  • General documents
  • Confidential documents
  • Identity and civil status documents
  • Education documents
  • Legal documents
  • Commercial documents (contracts, supplements, correspondence, etc.)
  • Fiscal and bank documents (bank statements, bookkeeping documents, bank contracts etc)
  • Marketing plans, commercial cards etc.

Personal documents that can be translated into German or English:

- Curriculum Vitae (CV)

- Letters of intention

- Birth, marriage and death certificates

- Education documents (diploma, certifications, transcripts etc.)

- Civil and penal court decisions, motivations;

- Legal and administrative correspondence etc.

Corporate bodies commercial activity documents:

  • Contracts and supplements
  • Commercial tenders
  • Trading company's activity and products presentations
  • Civil and commercial decisions and motivations;
  • Legal and administrative correspondence etc
  • Business plans
  • Product and service descriptions
  • Human resources

Fees and payments are transparently described on this site.

Confidential German - English - Romanian translations

The privacy of your documents is always safe with me!

If your company documents are of a special nature and need a high degree of privacy, I can provide dedicated services at your company's headquarters.

In order to do so, I would ask you to schedule this in time in order to travel to your headquarters and programme the translation time in advance.

You can request this service by e-mail or over the phone!

Technology as a translation instrument. CAT-Tools

CAT-Tools, such as Across, Trados, are computer-assisted programs. By memorizing specific files (i.e. sdltm, tmx), these instruments are used especially for translations which include many repetitions.

I can provide translations with this programs if your company uses them and desires to use this possibility!

Delivery of translations at the clients headquarters

Upon clients' request, translations can be delivered by fast courier. Expedition costs are borne by the client according to courier fees. Translations can also be delivered by me personally, by bike, depending on my work load and the season (within Bucharest).

In this way, by cash on delivery, the client also pays remaining translation fees after translating the documents.

Please place a firm order for the best German & English traanslation and interpretation services!