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About me

Toth Cristian Peter - Translator

I am more than a German translator, I work as a German!

Who am I and what recommends me professionally as a translator?

I graduatedd from the German High-school in Bucharest in 1980 as a native German speaker. In 1985 I graduated from the University of Bucharest, Faculty for Foreign Languages, German-English department.

I incorporated the translation office in 1990, when Romania was initially opening its eyes on capitalism. Since the very beginning I had only one purpose: to provide professional German-English-Romanian translation services.

Meanwhile, my knowledge as a translator improved by steady experience, by cooperating with the Romanian Ministry of Justice, with renowned notaries public and lawyers. I developed new approach and work methods in the benefit of my customers.

Why use my services?

My experience and linguistic knowledge can be the answer to your needs. I have made and still make efforts to provide proper, applied and viable solutions to my clients.

Thanks to my experience, I can provide a wide range or services. Out of respect for my clients' time, I found flexible cooperation ways so that they do not come personally to my office. Clients can place a firm online offer or can receive the translated documents by fast courier  (paying the transport and potential translation differences at the addressee). Depending on the season and work load, I can deliver the documents personally with my bike, at the addressee's home/office (in Bucharest).

My strong point are legal translations, but also in the commercial, financial, insurance, marketing, services, business administrations and accounting fields. You must only convince yourselves. I am sure you will come back to me!
I am open to any suggestion improving service quality and relationships with my clients. 

Therefore I encourage you to contact me with any questions, observations, suggestions, queries.

The biggest advantage will always be yours!

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Account holder: Toth Cristian Peter - Traducator

License no.: 1580/1999 issued by the Ministry of Justice on 11.03.1999

Tax no.: 20609165